Housing Associations & Councils

Renewable heating solutions for Housing Associations & Councils

Housing Associations and Councils are under increased pressure to adhere to legislation covering both new-build properties and refurbishments. There is also a very real need to improve energy efficiency throughout their portfolio of homes.

Air source heat pumps can help reduce a properties’ carbon footprint, combat fuel poverty by helping to reduce household running costs

and for new social housing stock, assist in meeting renewable targets.

Fuel Poverty

Air source heat pumps can help reduce running costs to alleviate fuel poverty. By extracting renewable energy from the outdoor air the system maximises the energy provided to the household. It offers a reduction in running costs over gas, LPG and even more over oil, and direct electric.*

*Potential low energy performance benefits will depend on satisfactory system design and installation, and operational settings, i.e.how you use the heating system.

Funding Options

At Orme Energy we are uniquely placed to provide innovative funding solutions to help you achieve your goals.

We are able to access funding the Energy Company Obligations scheme, Private Equity funding, RHI, plus utilising housing association capital to cover the costs of replacing old inefficient heating with a low carbon renewable technology.

Call for more details on the funding options available.

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